• Introduction

    . A collage of spectacular sailing, windsurfing and kiteboarding on the Bay.
    . The most beautiful Bay in North America; one of the world’s great natural harbors.
    . Legendary wind, fog and tides — how the wild and whacky weather on San Francisco Bay enhances the sailing experience.

    The Far Side of the New World

    . English and Spanish sail past the Golden Gate for over 200 years.
    . 1769 — Portola expedition is the first non-native group to see the Bay.
    . 1775 – the San Carlos is the first ship to sail in through the Golden Gate.


    . 1849-52 — A global flotilla full of fortune seekers arrives in San Francisco Bay.
    . 1852 — Deep Sea Derby features tall-masted clippers racing from the northeast US around the Horn to San Francisco Bay.


    . 1867 — Boatmen’s Protective Association (Master Mariners two years later) sponsors race between coastal schooners and local sailing scows.
    . 1869 — San Francisco Yacht Club founded, first yacht club on the Pacific Coast of the Americas and first west of the Mississippi.
    . Recreational boating takes shape on the Bay.
    . Boatyards blossom around the Bay.
    . 1896 — PICYA (Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association) organized.


    . Tall-masted schooners are the Bay’s link to the rest of the country and world.
    . Scows crisscross the Bay as the region’s primary means of inter-city trade.
    . Fishing fleets sail the Bay.
    . Alaska Packers “Star Fleet “– last commercial sailing vessels on the coast.

    Early 20th century

    . 1907 — Race to the Farallones; first ocean race from the Bay.
    . 1922 — Legendary Bird Boats arrive.
    . 1926 — San Francisco Yacht Club split – St Francis YC is formed.

    Mid-20th Century

    . Faster, sleeker boats
    . 1965 — Master Mariners Regatta revived

    Sailing Today

    . Sailing
    . Windsurfing
    . Kiteboarding
    . America’s Cup